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Definition of crack, meaning of crack




crack (plural cracks)

  1. A thin and usually jagged space opened in a previously solid material.
    A large crack had formed in the roadway.
  2. A narrow opening.
    We managed to squeeze through a crack in the rock wall.
  3. When forming an opening, a small amount.
    Open the door a crack.
  4. (onomatopoetic): The sharp sound made when solid material breaks.
    The crack of the falling branch could be heard for miles.
  5. (onomatopoetic): Any sharp sound.
    The crack of the bat hitting the ball.
  6. A sharply humorous comment; a wise-crack.
    I didn"t appreciate that crack about my hairstyle.
  7. (vulgar) The space between the buttocks. (Also referred to as UK: bum crack, US: ass crack.)
    Pull up your pants! Your crack is showing.
  8. (Irish slang) Fun, good times. (Sometimes spelt craic).
    The party was great crack.
  9. (computing): Any program designed to circumvent restrictions or usage limits on software. See also: cracker a person who commits computer crimes.
  10. (slang, also crack cocaine): A potent, relatively cheap, addictive variety of cocaine; often a rock, usually smoked through a crack-pipe.
    I wouldn"t use it, if I was going to use it I can afford real cocaine. Crack is wack. - Whitney Houston.
  11. A Cumbrian (and elsewhere throughout the North of the United Kingdom) term for "a meaningful chat."
  12. The elite of a certain group.
    He ordered in a crack squad.
  13. (vulgar slang) vagina.
    I"m so horny even the crack of dawn isn"t safe! - In this example a play on words, in which the term for first daylight is used, as if it was referring to the vagina of a woman named Dawn.
  14. (colloquial): An opportunity to attempt something.
    I"d like to take a crack at that game.

5 letters in word "crack": A C C K R.

No anagrams for crack found in this word list.

Words found within crack:

ar arc ark car cark ka rack

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