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Definition of legatos, meaning of legatos

7 letters in word "legatos": A E G L O S T.

Anagrams of legatos:

Words found within legatos:

ae ag age ages aglet aglets ago ags al ale ales aloe aloes als also alt alto altos alts as at ate ates ea eas east eat eats egal ego egos el els elt elts es est et eta etas gae gaes gal gale gales gals gaol gaols gas gast gat gate gates gats geal geals geat geats gel gelato gels gelt gelts geo geos gest get geta getas gets gloat gloats glost go goa goal goals goas goat goats goe goel goels goes gole goles gos goslet got la lag lags las lase last lat late lats lea leas least leat leats leg legato legs les lest let lets lo loast log loge loges logs los lose lost lot lota lotas lote lotes lots oast oat oats oe oes ogle ogles ole olea oles os ose osteal sae sag sage sago sal sale salet salt salto sat sate sea seal seat seg sego segol sel set seta setal slae slag slat slate sloe slog slot so sog sol sola solate sole sot st stag stage stale steal stela stoa stoae stole ta tae tael taels taes tag tags tale tales tao taos tas te tea teal teals teas teg tegs tel tela telos tels tes tesla to toe toea toeas toes tog toga togae togas toge toges togs tola tolas tole toles tosa tose

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