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Definition of sardine, meaning of sardine


sardine (plural sardines)

  1. Any one of several small species of herring which are commonly preserved in olive oil or in tins for food, especially the pilchard, or European sardine (Clupea pichardus). The California sardine (Clupea sagax) is similar. The American sardines of the Atlantic coast are mostly the young of the common herring and of the menhaden.

7 letters in word "sardine": A D E I N R S.

Anagrams of sardine:

Words found within sardine:

ad ads ae aesir ai aid aide aider aiders aides aids ain aine ains air aired airn airned airns airs ais an and ands ane anes ani anis anise ar ard ards are ared ares arid aris arise arisen ars arse arsed arsine as aside da dae daes daine daines dais dan dans dare dares dari daris darn darns das de deair deairs dean deans dear dearn dearns dears dei den denar denari denars deni dens dern derns di die dies din dinar dinars dine diner diners dines dins dire dis disa drain drains dries ea ean eans ear eard eards earn earns ears eas ed eds en end ends ens er era eras ern erns ers es id ide idea ideas ides ids in ins irade irades ire ired ires is na nadir nadirs nae nard nards nare nares naris nas ne near nears ned neds nerd nerds nid nide nides nids nie nied nies nis rad rade rads rai raid raids rain raine rained raines rains rais raise raised ran rand randie rands rani ranid ranids ranis ras rase rased re read reads rean reans red redan redans redia redias reds rei rein reins reis ren rend rends rens res resaid resid resin ria rias rid ride rides rids rin rind rinds rine rines rins rinse rinsed rise risen sad sade sadi sae sai said sain saine sained sair saired san sand sander sane saned saner sar sard sared sari sarin sarnie sdaine sdein sea sean sear sed sedan sei seir sen sena send ser sera serai serin si sida side sider sien sin sind sine sined sir sire sired siren snar snare snared snead sned snide snider sri

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